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Running is a great way for your dog to burn off extra energy and get a great workout. It not only provides cardiovascular benefits, maintains muscle tone and assists in weight management, but it can help alleviate problem behaviors that arise out of boredom. Just like people, dogs need to build up endurance and stamina slowly when starting a running program. I will customize a running program for your dog based on his or her current abilitites and activity level. Dogs that display appropriate leash manners can even learn to run alongside the bike or rollerblades. Each session is tailored to your dog's needs, and all runs and walks include an appropriate warm-up and cool-down. However, running may not be suitable for every dog, and I offer walks and playtime for those dogs that cannot or should not run.  I'm available rain or shine, and during inclement weather dogs will be dried off with a towel and muddy paws and bellies wiped off before entering your house.

Running & Walking Services

30 minute run/walk


45 minute run/walk


60 minute run/walk


Additional dog - $5 for each service per additional dog

The Jogging Dog provides exercise options for puppies and dogs with special needs.

Puppy Playtime

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The Jogging Dog provides pet sitting in your home for both cats and dogs.

Pet Sitting Services

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